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May 2024 - Ingredients Found in the Korean Mountains

Ingredients Found in the Korean Mountains

Exploring the korean mountains reveals an incredible array of ingredients. Last week, Joseph ventured into the mountains and discovered wild vegetables such as fiddleheads, wild garlic, and mushrooms. These ingredients thrive out in the hills without the need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Currently, it's the peak season for wild garlic, also known as myeongi, which means its flavor and aroma are exceptionally rich. The wild garlic harvested during this time emits a refreshing garlic scent, and its stems and leaves are tender. Typically, wild garlic plants can sprout leaves for about 5 to 60 years, and they are considered mature after about 4 to 5 years of growth. This period marks the best time to cultivate them, ensuring sustainability.

Finding these ingredients while hiking feels like a surprise gift from nature, sparking excitement for the new dishes they'll inspire on the way back.


Kisoondo Fermentation Masterclass

On April 4th, EVETT Restaurant held a special class for the second cohort of the Kisoondo Fermentation School. Building on the success of the first cohort, this term featured a session on how EVETT incorporates fermented ingredients into their cuisine, along with hands-on cooking practice. The event was honored by the presence of Master Kisoondo, with Chef Joseph marking the occasion by sharing his traditional liquor, 'Oh My Gat Sparkling', with the group.

We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who attended and to Master Kisoondo for sharing her culinary wisdom.


New Spring Dishes: Mulhoe, Okdom

Mulhoe - Mulhoe evolved from a simple meal to a cherished delicacy enjoyed throughout Korea. Drawing inspiration from this rich history, the Evett team introduces their newest menu addition: Squid, durup, and clam served with a clear Dalle broth and fresh sea herbs sourced directly from the shores of Jeju.

Okdom – Joseph and the Team's latest dish celebrates seasonal freshness and traditional cooking. Grilled Tilefish, cooked over Jirisan charcoal and wild apple wood, exudes smoky flavor. Paired with rich Daegae crab broth and steamed Nuruk bread, it's a homage to both the season's bounty and timeless culinary traditions.

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